What does bioaccumulation mean?

bioaccumulation meaning in Law Dictionary

the way in which a toxic material can build-up in a body. It may result in the pet or person unwell if not kill all of them in addition to environment around them. AKA bioconcentration, biological focus, or biolocigal magnification. Relate to bioaccumulant.

bioaccumulation meaning in Veterinary Dictionary

the theory that substances gather in an animal’s system and even though they may remain resistant with their results there are various other types that can be negatively afflicted with its existence within their environment.

bioaccumulation meaning in Business Dictionary

Process by which particular poisonous drugs (such as for example heavy metals and polychlorinated biphenyls) accumulate and carry on gathering in living organisms, posing a threat to wellness, life, and to the environment. Also called bioconcentration, biological concentration, or biological magnification. See additionally bioaccumulant.