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A soldier never ever walks alone; a soldier always has one other with him. Together, they form the 2-man-team, the buddy-team, and in the rarest cases, each goes further to form the binom.A term coined within the military, "binom" defines the smallest device in military unit structure, always composed of just two - thus the name. Together, they truly are effective at any such thing and not vulnerable. Lying-in their particular foxhole, watching, fighting, guarding; the binom takes turns; one rests, one wakes.Thus, in fight, in danger, in life - the binom assigned for you or opted for by you certainly will continually be your one last hope, usually the one person you can count on, you can rely upon. Your best buddy, your daily life insurance, the platonic love of your daily life.Names come to be irrelevant. He calls you binom, because you tend to be their; you call him binom, because he could be yours; together you form the binom.You tend to be his subordinate, at precisely the same time their exceptional, you have to follow their purchases same as he must follow yours. Without hesitation, without question. Both of you know the binom would not take advantage. Even after your army solution comes to an end, the bond to the binom and his existence that you know will nevertheless persist, forever present. A finer buddy as compared to one you had to endure, lying in the dirt, running all the way through the blizzard, wet towards the bones you'll never have.---

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