What does bingo mean?

bingo meaning in General Dictionary

a casino game popular for reduced stakes gambling by which numbered balls or slips are attracted at random and people cover the correponding numbers on the cards labeled as Bingo cards which have square arrangement of these figures Each card features yet another arrangement of figures therefore the very first player to cover all numbers in one single row horizontal vertical or diagonal is the champion generally announcing that fact by a cry of ldquoBingordquo

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  • a-game in which numbered balls are drawn at random and people cover the corresponding numbers on their cards

bingo meaning in Etymology Dictionary

lotto-like game of possibility, 1936; many ideas about its source, nothing satisfying; many most likely is bingo! as an exclamation of unexpected realization or shock (attested from 1923). Uncertain link with the slang word for "brandy" (1690s); attested as "liquor" in American English, 1861. Thomas Chandler Haliburton ("Sam Slick") in "The People in the us home" (1854) recounts a story of a drinking online game when the children's song concerning the farmer's puppy ended up being sung when it came time for you to show title, every participant needed to simply take a letter in turn, and anybody who missed or flubbed must drink.

bingo - German to English


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  • housey-housey [Br.] [archaic]