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slang for 'carabiner,' which can be some hardware found in rock-climbing for clipping ropes, harnesses, webbing, etc. *note* people which rise in health clubs buy carabiners which are not real, and generally are stamped using the words "do perhaps not use for climbing, you are going to die." they then go to flaunt copious levels of these keychains on backpacks, purses, liquid containers, etc. while calling it a biner cos they believe it seems cool. they will often pronounce it "bine-er" because of becoming inexperienced fools. a term always denote a small erect cock, utilized in a cute or whimsical fashion (smaller form of "boner") Clipping product with many various utilizes in climbing. If you pay significantly less than five bucks for one, you may as well simply hang your tips as a result. Although, if you should be stupid enough to utilize a property Depot "biner" to rise a route, more capacity to you and I am sure it will probably hold you in a fall. I've visited realize, your individuals who make use of the "biners" that they purchase home Depot in addition tend to have harnesses made from rope and duct tape. deragotory term for a Mexican