What does binary mean?

binary meaning in General Dictionary

what is constituted of two figures things or components two duality

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  • Compounded or comprising two things or parts characterized by a few things
  • of or pertaining to several system have actually 2 as the base
  • composed of two (units or elements or elements or terms)
  • something of two movie stars that revolve around both under their particular mutual gravitation
  • a pre-compiled, pre-linked program that's prepared operate under confirmed operating-system; a binary for example os cannot run-on an alternative operating system
  • Compounded or consisting of two things or parts; described as two (things).
  • whatever is constituted of two numbers, things, or parts; two; duality.

binary meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"dual," mid-15c., from Late Latin binarius "consisting of two," from bini "twofold, two apiece, two-by-two" (used specifically of matched things), from bis "double" (see bis-). Binary rule in computer system language was in use by 1952, though the idea itself is ancient. Binary celebrity in astronomy is from 1802.

binary meaning in Computer Terms Dictionary

Binary (or "base-2") a numeric system that only uses two digits — 0 and 1. Computers operate in binary, meaning they store data and perform calculations using only zeros and ones. While a single binary digit can be used to represent True (1) or False (0) in boolean logic, multiple binary digits can be used to store large numbers and perform complex functions. In fact, any number can be represented in binary. Below is a list of several decimal (or "base-10") numbers represented in binary. One bit contains a single binary value — either a 0 or a 1. A byte contains eight bits, which means it can have 256 (28) different values. These values may be used to represent different characters in a text document, the RGB values of a pixel within an image file, or many other types of data. Large files may contain several thousand bytes (or several megabytes) of binary data. A large application may take up thousands of megabytes of data. No matter how big a file or program is, at its most basic level, it is simply a collection of binary digits that can be read by a computer processor. NOTE: The term "binary" may also be used to describe a compiled software program. Once a program has been compiled, it contains binary data called "machine code" that can be executed by a computer's CPU. In this case, "binary" is used in contrast to the text-based source code files that were used to build the application.

binary meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Compounded or composed of a couple of things or parts; described as two (things).

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  • (n.) That which is constituted of two figures, things, or components; two; duality.

Sentence Examples with the word binary

The binary conception of compounds held by Berzelius received apparent support from the observations of Gay Lussac, in 1815, on the vapour densities of alcohol and ether, which pointed to the conclusion that these substances consisted of one molecule of water and one and two of ethylene respectively; and from Pierre Jean Robiquet and Jean Jacques Colin, showing, in 1816, that ethyl chloride (hydrochloric ether) could be regarded as a compound of ethylene and hydrochloric acid.

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