What does billstiff mean?

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someone, frequently women including many years 18-46 with a moderately high income, who goes in any retail institution intention upon taking something without getting invest prison or paying anything at all. Stated person is commonly a MILF with a tude which unleashed upon naive salespeople or waitstaff at the very first indication of not being able to purchase something at no cost. In spite of how accommodating or type you are toward individual, they rest to the salesperson/waitstaff and colleagues, lie for their people and buddies, and lie to administration, for their particular product or dinner 100% free or much less. Their particular factors try not to constantly make sense and be seemingly drawn out from the butt. They function offended as you possibly can and would take the item/meal outright if you don't the concern with getting caught. Some might actually do so anyway. Some, particularly the noobs, is frustrated with kindness and evident practice of great work principles, but all are urged by rudeness, so beware: do not be rude.