What does billion mean?

billion meaning in General Dictionary

According to the French and American method of numeration 1000 hundreds of thousands or 1000000000 in accordance with the English method a million hundreds of thousands or 1000000000000 identify Numeration

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  • denoting an amount consisting of one million million items or products in Great Britain
  • denoting a quantity consisting of a thousand million items or devices in the United States
  • a rather big long quantity (usually hyperbole)
  • the number that is represented as a one followed by 12 zeros; in britain the usage implemented in the usa is generally seen
  • the quantity this is certainly represented as a-one accompanied by 9 zeros
  • According to the French and US approach to numeration, a thousand hundreds of thousands, or 1,000,000,000; in line with the English strategy, a million millions, or 1,000,000,000,000. See Numeration.

billion meaning in Law Dictionary

quantity with nine 0s. It is also shown as a B after a number.

billion meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1680s, from French billion (originally byllion in Chuquet's unpublished "Le Triparty en la Science des Nombres," 1484; copied by De la Roche, 1520); see bi- "two" + million. A million million in Britain and Germany (numeration by sets of sixes), that was the first sense; later modified in French to "a thousand million" (numeration by sets of threes) and picked up in that kind in U.S., "due to some extent to French impact after the Revolutionary War" [David E. Smith, "History of Mathematics," 1925]. France then reverted toward original meaning in 1948. Uk use is truer to the etymology, but U.S. feeling is reported to be increasingly typical indeed there in technical writing. In Italian arithmetics through the last quarter associated with fifteenth century the language bilione or duilione, trilione, quadrilione or quattrilione, quintilione, cinquilione, or quinquilione, sestione or sestilione, settilione, ottilione, noeilione and decilione happen as typical abbreviations of because of volte millioni, tre volte millione, etc. Far away these terms arrived to use a great deal later, although one French blogger, Nicolas Chuquet, mentions them as early as 1484, in a book maybe not printed until 1881. The Italians had, besides, another system of numeration, proceeding by abilities of 1000. The French, just who like many northern individuals, took many or even all of their familiarity with modern or Arabic arithmetic through the Italians, early confounded the 2 methods of Italian numeration, counting in capabilities of a lot of, but adopting the names which correctly belong to powers of a million.

billion meaning in Business Dictionary

Numerical quantity identified by the presence of nine zeros behind several. A billion may also be represented because of the page "B" after lots. "In 2007, Warren Buffett's estimated net worth totaled 52 billion ($52B)."

billion - German to English

billion [Br.] [dated] [long scale: 10^12]

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  • trillion [short scale: 10^12]

billion - French to English

trillion [short scale: 10^12]

Sentence Examples with the word billion

And if each of those billion people in turn shared a million of their life experiences, and you recorded them, you'd have an aggregate number of life experiences so large I had to look it up online.

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