What does billing mean?

billing meaning in General Dictionary

Caressing kissing

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  • ask for payment of a debt
  • of Bill
  • Caressing; kissing.

billing meaning in Law Dictionary

Making an invoice for sales data recovery. AKA invoicing. Relate to billings.

billing meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1875, "announcement on a bill or poster," verbal noun from bill (v.); ergo top payment (1928). Meaning "act of delivering out a bill" is recorded from 1908.

billing meaning in Business Dictionary

procedure of generating an invoice to recoup product sales cost from the customer. Also called Invoicing. See in addition billings.

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billing meaning in General Dictionary

(p. pr. & vb. n.) of Bill

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  • (a. & letter.) Caressing; kissing.

Sentence Examples with the word billing

I suppose you should have been billing him that way all along, if this is where he's been corking the widow.

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