What does billboard mean?

billboard meaning in General Dictionary

A piece of thick plank armed with iron plates and fixed on the bow or fore stations of a vessel the costs or fluke associated with anchor to sleep on

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  • huge outdoor signboard
  • a bit of dense plank, armed with metal plates, and fixed regarding the bow or fore networks of a vessel, the costs or fluke of the anchor to rest on.
  • A flat area, since a panel or of a fence, which bills are published; a bulletin board.

billboard meaning in Law Dictionary

1. an announcement that identifies the sponsors associated with marketing. It really is shown at the conclusion or perhaps the beginning or a program on television or radio. 2. a big outdoor sign this is certainly hired. The expense of lease is based on the traffic on the highway, the exposure, as well as the

billboard meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1845, United states English, from costs (n.1) + board (n.1). Any type of board where bills had been meant to be published. Billboard magazine founded 1894, initially a trade paper the bill-posting business. Its music sales charts date from 1930s.

billboard meaning in Business Dictionary

1. Brief announcement (usually not more than 10 seconds long) distinguishing the sponsors. It really is broadcast at the beginning and/or at the conclusion of a sponsored radio or tv program. 2. Large outside ad (usually 12 legs x 25 legs) which is why rent is charged based on three factors: (1) the amount of traffic that passes its place, (2) its exposure, and (3) its dimensions.

billboard meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) Some dense plank, equipped with iron dishes, and fixed regarding bow or fore stations of a vessel, when it comes to costs or fluke of this anchor to sleep on.

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  • (n.) A set surface, at the time of a panel or of a fence, upon which expenses tend to be published; a bulletin board.