What does bill of particulars mean?

bill of particulars meaning in Legal Dictionary

n. a written itemization of claims which a defendant in a lawsuit can need regarding the plaintiff to learn exactly what are the information on the claims. Thus, an over-all claim that defendant owes plaintiff $50,000 for products delivered or damaged needs to be broken down so that the defendant can comprehend and protect. In criminal cases it may offer an accused person notice of informative basics for the costs.

bill of particulars meaning in Law Dictionary

used. A written declaration or specification of the particulars of this need for which an action at legislation is brought, or of a defendant's set-off against these types of demand, (including times, amounts, and things in more detail,) furnished by one of several events to the other, either voluntarily or perhaps in conformity with a judge's order for that purpose. 1 Tidd, Pr. 596-000 ; 2 Ar'hb. Pr. 221; Ferguson v. Ashbell, 53 Tex. 250; Baldwin v. Gregg, 13 Mete. (Mass.) 255t 14. In English law, a draft of a patent for a charter, commission, self-esteem, office, or appointment Such a bill is drafted in the lawyer general's patent costs workplace, is submitted by a secretary of condition for the King's signature, when it is known as the "King's bill," and is after that countersigned by the assistant of condition and sealed because of the privy seal, then the patent is prepared and sealed. Nice.

bill of particulars meaning in Business Dictionary

In litigation, written statement describing details of the costs laid against a defendant, and directed at her or him by the plaintiff or prosecutor. In case there is an indictable offense, furthermore known as a bill of indictment.

bill of particulars meaning in General Dictionary

this events is dealt with in a criminal trial; advises the defendant and the court of realities the defendant is required to fulfill