What does bikini mean?

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"low-waisted two-piece ladies swimsuit," 1948, from French coinage, 1947, known as for U.S. A-bomb test of June 1946 on Bikini, Marshall isles atoll, in your area Pikinni and believed to derive from pik "area" and ni "coconut," but it is unsure. Different explanations for the swimsuit title happen suggested, not one convincingly, best being an analogy for the volatile force associated with bomb and also the influence for the swimsuit design on males's libidos (compare c.1900 Uk slang assassin "an ornamental bow used from the female breast," so called given that it ended up being very "killing"). Bikini, ce mot cinglant comme l'explosion m

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a female's extremely brief swimsuit

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  • an atoll in the Marshall isles; previously utilized by the United States as a niche site for testing atomic weapons

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  • stick-on bikini

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Sentence Examples with the word bikini

I've never worn a bikini in my life.

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