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Bijlmer is part of SouthEast Amsterdam.Bijlmermeer was designed for success, but it never attracted numerous middle class people. Grounds for this could be found in many areas. First, after Surinam's autonomy in 1975, lots of its residents migrated toward Netherlands. The federal government put these immigrants in affordable personal housing in Bijlmermeer.The community quickly attained a reputation to be a "black" section of city. The fairly reasonable earnings and social condition of their unsettled inhabitants created for a problematic mix aided by the location's large-scale buildings, which afforded small personal control. It has a top criminal activity rate, but this decreased recently; the amount of registered issues on police decreased from 20,000 in 1995 (2,000 which had been robberies) to 8,000 (600 robberies) in 2005 The only recognized 'ghetto' of Suri-Dutch and Antillian-Dutch men and women in The Netherlands, positioned in Amsterdam.