What does bight mean?

bight meaning in General Dictionary

A corner flex or angle a hollow once the bight of a horses leg the bight of an elbow

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  • fasten with a bight
  • a loop in a rope
  • an extensive bay formed by an indentation inside shoreline
  • a bend or bend (especially in a shoreline)
  • the middle element of a slack-rope (as distinguished from the ends)
  • a large part, fold, or direction; a hollow; as, the bight of a horse's leg; the bight of an elbow.
  • A bend in a-coast forming an open bay; because, the Bight of Benin.
  • The double section of a rope whenever folded, in difference from the stops; which, a round, bend, or coil excluding the ends; a loop.

bight meaning in Etymology Dictionary

Old English byht "bend, position, part" (linked to bow), from Proto-Germanic *buhtiz (cognates: center Low German bucht, German Bucht, Dutch bocht, Danish bught "bight, bay"), from PIE root *bheug- (3) "to bend," with types discussing bent, pliable, or curved things (cognates: Old English beag, Old High German boug "ring;" see bow (v.)). Sense of "indentation on a coastline" is from late 15c.

bight meaning in General Dictionary

(v.) A corner, fold, or perspective; a hollow; since, the bight of a horse's leg; the bight of an elbow.

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  • (v.) A bend in a coast creating an open bay; as, the of Benin.
  • (v.) The two fold section of a rope when collapsed, in difference through the ends; this is certainly, a round, flex, or coil excluding the finishes; a loop.

Sentence Examples with the word bight

Where the reptile is venerated or feared it is usually inviolable, and among the Brassmen of the Niger the dangerous and destructive cobra was especially protected by an article in the diplomatic treaty of 1856 for the Bight of Biafra (Maclennan, 524).

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