What does bigamy mean?

bigamy meaning in General Dictionary

The offense of marrying one individual whenever already legitimately hitched to another

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  • the offense of marrying some one while you have actually a full time income spouse from whom no good breakup features taken place
  • their state of having two spouses on top of that
  • The offense of marrying anyone when already lawfully hitched to another.

bigamy meaning in Legal Dictionary

n. the healthiness of having two wives or two husbands at precisely the same time. A wedding for which among the parties has already been lawfully married is bigamous, void, and floor for annulment. The one which knowingly enters into a bigamous wedding is accountable for the crime of bigamy, however it is rarely prosecuted unless it really is section of a fraudulent system to obtain another's home or some other crime. Sometimes people commit bigamy accidentally, usually when you look at the belief that a prior wedding have been dissolved. Many famous situation in the usa was compared to Andrew Jackson along with his wife Rachel Robards. Ms. Robards' spouse had requested a divorce, but it had not been awarded (it needed legislative approval) at the time of her second relationship. She completed the separation and divorce and then the Jacksons remarried. Jackson had been ashamed for a lifetime over his carelessness (he had been a lawyer and a judge), which had injured his wife's reputation. Having a few spouses in addition is called polygamy being hitched to several husbands is polyandry.

bigamy meaning in Law Dictionary

The criminal offense of willfully and knowingly contracting another Q relationship (or going through the form of an extra marriage) even though the first wedding, to the understanding of the offender, continues to be subsisting and undissolved. Com. v. McNerny, 10 Phila. (Pa.) 207; Gise v. Com., 81 Pa. r 430; Scoggins v. State, 32 Ark. 213; Cannon t v. U. S., 116 U. S. 55, 6 Sup. Ct 287, 29 L. Ed. 561. Their state of a man who may have two spouses, or of a female that has two husbands, residing at exactly the same time. C The offense of having a plurality of wives at precisely the same time is often denominated "polygamy;" nevertheless the title "bigamy" was more frequently directed at it in legal proceedings. 1 Russ. Crimes, 185. p employing the word "bigamy" to explain this U offense is well-established by long usage, although usually criticised as a corruption of true-meaning of term. Polygamy is recommended because the proper tenn. instead of bigamy, to designate the offense of getting a plurality of spouses or husbands simultaneously, and has now M been followed for that purpose in the Massa- II chusetts statutes. But once the substance associated with offense is marrying a second time, whilst having a lawful spouse living, without reference to the sheer number of marriages that'll took place, bigamy appears not an inappropriate term. The objection to its use urged by Black- we rock (4 Bl. Comm. 163) seems to be founded I not so much upon factors associated with etymology of this word as upon the propriety of identifying the ecclesiastical offense termed "bigamy" in canon legislation, and which can be defined below. through the offense referred to as "bigamy" inside modern-day criminal law. Equivalent distinction is t carefully produced by Lord Coke. (4 Inst. S8.) But, we the ecclesiastical offense being now obsolete, this cause for replacing polygamy to denote the crime here defined ceases to own fat. Abbott. Within the canon law, the definition of denoted the .. offense dedicated by an ecclesiastic who

bigamy meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"state of experiencing two wives or husbands on top of that," mid-13c., from Old French bigamie (13c.), from Church Latin bigamia, from belated Latin bigamus "twice married," a hybrid from bi- "double" (see bi-) + Greek gamos "marrying" (see gamete). The Greek term was digamos "twice-married."Bigamie is unkinde

bigamy meaning in Sexual Dictionary

the work of marrying one person while being married at the same time to a different. It's a form of polygamy.

bigamy meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) The offense of marrying one person when already legitimately married to some other.

Sentence Examples with the word bigamy

Criminal jurisdiction is always regarded as purely territorial, but bigamy (together with homicide and treason) is an exception to this rule.

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