What does bigamist mean?

bigamist meaning in General Dictionary

one that is responsible of bigamy

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  • someone who marries anyone while already lawfully married to some other
  • a person who is responsible of bigamy.

bigamist meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1630s; see bigamy + -ist. Previously in the same feeling ended up being bigame (mid-15c.), from Old French bigame, from Medival Latin bigamus.

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bigamist meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) One that is bad of bigamy.

Sentence Examples with the word bigamist

Supposing Dekker to be chiefly responsible for the scenes dealing with the unfortunate old woman whom persecution as a witch actually drives to become one, and Ford for the domestic tragedy of the bigamist murderer, it cannot be denied that both divisions of the subject are effectively treated, while the more important part of the task fell to the share of Ford.

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