What does big ol' truck mean?

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a vehicle typically driven by males for the south and mid-western parts of america, the big ol' truck is known as symbolic of manliness during these regions. Many big ol' vehicles are embellished with NASCAR or Git-r-done stickers. Owners of big ol' vehicles consistently drive their particular trucks around in muddy industries in a leisure task referred to as muddin'. The quantity of mud you're able to plaster over the surface of your truck is a prime determiner of this social hierarchy in certain areas, and having an individual's big ol' vehicle hung up therefore defectively that another person has got to come pull it with a chain is an extremely typical male bonding experience. These types of experiences tend to be glorified in some country music pieces, though they are coated in an even more heterosexual light. Males which possess or whose family's being recognized to own certain creates and models of vehicles often have very rigid views about their particular particular truck and frequently very important of various other makes and designs. Numerous debates on such subjects are typical elements of discussion.