What does big booty chaser mean?

big booty chaser meaning in Urban Dictionary

some guy who just likes large butt. The girl can appear to be a model with huge ol' breasts however, if she is got a pancake butt you're instantly switched off. He is normally an ass worshipper and is turned-off in what normal(and ordinarily dudes with little to no dicks) discover a "nice ass" it was studied that which are infatuated with women with large booties typically have a large cock. This might be stated because men with little cocks can not acceptably achieve a lady's vagina if they are within the doggie-style position and they have a large butt. Only guys with bigger than average endowment can properly pipe a womanwith a huge rump. "huge booty chasers" are usually prejudice against ladies with smaller booties and can only offer notice to a largerback.