What does big bang theory mean?

big bang theory meaning in General Dictionary

The theory the understood world originated in an explosive event the major bang where all matter and power associated with the world had been contained in one point and started initially to rapidly increase and evolve starting as high-energy particles and radiation and as it cooled as time passes developing into ordinary subatomic particles atoms after which stars and galaxies in accordance with this concept the four-dimensional space-time continuum which we perceive as our universe continues to expand to the current time but it is unidentified whether the growth will stay indefinitely or ultimately stop and on occasion even reverse possibly ultimately causing a contraction to a single point sometimes described as the ldquobig crunchrdquo The competing ldquoSteady state Theoryrdquo slowly destroyed favor in the 1980s and 1990s See also big bang

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  • (cosmology) the idea that world began at some point between 10 billion and 20 billion years back from the cataclysmic surge of a little amount of matter at extremely high density and temperature