What does bifurcate mean?

bifurcate meaning in General Dictionary

Two pronged forked

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  • To divide into two limbs
  • resembling a fork; divided or partioned into two branches
  • split or divide into two
  • divide into two branches
  • Alt. of Bifurcated
  • To divide into two branches.

bifurcate meaning in Legal Dictionary

v. the order or ruling of a judge that certain concern in an instance may be tried to a conclusion or a judgment offered using one period of the case without attempting all aspects of the matter. A typical instance is when the judge will give a divorce view without reading proof or making a ruling on such issues as unit of marital residential property, infant custody or spousal assistance (alimony). Hence the functions are without each other quickly while still battling over various other problems at their leisure. In a negligence case whenever question of obligation (responsibility) is obviously in question or rests on some appropriate technicality, the judge may bifurcate the issues and hear proof in the defendant's responsibility and determine that problem before going ahead with an endeavor on the amount of problems. If courtroom rules there is absolutely no obligation, then amount of problems is meaningless and further trial is necessary.

bifurcate meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1610s, from Medieval Latin bifurcatus, from Latin bi- (see bi-) + furca, the source of fork. Relevant: Bifurcated; bifurcating.

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  • 1835, from Medieval Latin bifurcatus, from Latin bi- (see bi-) + furca, the main of fork (n.).

bifurcate meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Alt. of Bifurcated

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  • (v. i.) To divide into two limbs.

Sentence Examples with the word bifurcate

To these succeed eight pairs of foliaceous branchial appendages on the front division of the body, followed on the hind division by four pairs of powerful bifurcate swimming feet and two rudimentary pairs, the number, though not the nature, of these appendages being malacostracan.

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