What does biftch mean?

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A word familiar with describe a "man" of a really discreet and BEEFY character. Its a combination of 2 terms - BIFF & BITCH. Biff is otherwise referred to as TOE, WIFE BEATER, OLD-MAN (AMONG sweat patches), BEEFEATER, and undoubtedly.....BEEF. Many these brands in which produced by none various other than...PRINCE SAUD. Let us go into the raunchiness of BIFTCH. Alex Tooulas may be the concept of SEX, HE COULD BE A SEX GODDESS...his swaying hair, their wet DC hat, their red jumper (sometimes white), his life-saving fragrant solution, and his IRRESISTIBLE human anatomy could make you CUM inside pants...uuhhhh...i really want you.