What does biemotional biemotional mean?

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Noun/AdjectiveTo contain two various, perhaps contradicting, thoughts as well.Similar to Ambivalence, although not always towards a person or item. A person who has actually an emotional and intimate attraction to and contains enchanting interactions with both sexes. This term does not indicate a particular intimate orientation.Note: This term is within contrast toward term bisexual, which in its dictionary definition implies just a sexual destination to both sexes, without any reference to emotional attachment whatsoever. You could, for instance, be heterosexual and sexually attracted to just the opposite gender but biemotional and emotionally attracted to both sexes, and therefore can date either sex but could only have a relationship which additionally from the intimate level with somebody regarding the opposite gender. They would almost certainly only time folks of the exact opposite sex, so that you can have a relationship that's both emotionally and intimately satisfying.