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an individual takes a shit in bidet. The contrary of a bidet, a bidon't is the work of spraying liquid away from your ass as well as on to another person in the bath. The easiest method to repeat this is by positioning a detachable bath mind in the middle of your legs and permitting the water to ricochet down your butt-hole (and possibly somewhat balls or gooch) and land on your bath spouse. The perfect time to execute the bidon't occurs when your bath partner is cleansing their face because their eyes usually are shut so they really are unaware of the foundation associated with liquid hitting their soapy face.Bonus: when you have a hairy asshole, you are able to sidestep your whole ricochet part by using your ass-hair as a filter, permitting the stream of water to feed the hairs improving the reliability of spray but still achieving the "ass water" effect.Double extra: If a dingleberry should occur to shake free and become a projectile, you attained an amount of bidon't that couple of live to share with about.