What does biddy snack mean?

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Biddy treat refers many right to the sensation wherein ladies starve on their own and whore on their own down because they lack real material. Just like a snack between meals, they're effortless, most likely detrimental to you, and fundamentally unfulfilling.As opposed to real females whoever personality and appearances are obviously stunning, and who appreciate by themselves as more than just the sum their particular intimate components. These females, like 7 training course dishes, tend to be harder ahead by, and need a particular decorum to take pleasure from, but they are so deliciously satisfying inside their richness.In practice the expression biddy treat can to mention to any person, irrespective of sex who's participating in rude ass behavior, being a bitch, trying way too hard at any specific task, or perhaps in mention of the the bigger neighborhood of men and women that truly generally lack compound.When used among friends, biddy treat is a phrase used to temper one another, and tell one another that they are all people of sound body-mind and may never be acting like really fools.