What does bibulous mean?

bibulous meaning in General Dictionary

easily imbibing liquids or dampness spongy as bibulous blotting report

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  • fond of or marked by the consumption of alcohol
  • easily imbibing fluids or dampness; spongy; since, bibulous blotting report.
  • Inclined to take in; hooked on tippling.

bibulous meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1670s, "spongy, absorbent," from Latin bibulus "drinking readily, fond of drink;" of things, "absorbent; moistened," from bibere "to drink" (see imbibe). Meaning "fond of beverage" attested in English by 1861.

bibulous meaning in General Dictionary

(v. t.) easily imbibing liquids or moisture; spongy; because, bibulous blotting paper.

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  • (v. t.) Inclined to take in; dependent on tippling.

Sentence Examples with the word bibulous

A piece of bibulous paper, moistened with silver nitrate, is held over the mouth of the tube, and if arsenic be present, a grey or black deposit is seen on the paper, due to the silver nitrate being reduced by the arseniuretted hydrogen.

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