What does biblical mean?

biblical meaning in General Dictionary

related to or based on the Bible as biblical learning biblical authority

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  • commensurate with the character associated with the Bible or its times or men and women
  • of or regarding or within or perhaps in conformity utilizing the Bible
  • regarding, or derived from, the Bible; as, biblical mastering; biblical expert.

biblical meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1790, from Bible + -ical. Related: Biblically. Earlier in the day adjective ended up being Biblic (1680s).

biblical meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) related to, or produced from, the Bible; as, biblical understanding; biblical authority.

Sentence Examples with the word biblical

Seriously to examine an encyclopaedic system, that touches life, society Washington University) from 1825 to 1827, professor of Greek, Latin and German at Waterville College (now Colby College) from 1827 to 1833, professor of biblical literature and criticism in Hamilton (New York) Theological Institute from 1835 to 1851, and professor of Hebrew and of Biblical exegesis in Rochester Theological Seminary from 1851 to 1857.

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