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a tremendously religous individual. This gets into increased detail since many men and women do not end up having religous men and women. Bible minds are said to be irritating. A bible head is a person who provides their beleifs into everything they are doing. Somebody who fits into the Bible Head CAtegory has a tendency to considercarefully what their religion says, before what comon good sense states. They allow their values control the way they believe, and can frequently look down upon individuals who arent religous, or who are considered bad because of the religion. As such is some Christians believe gays and lesbians tend to be bad.More usually than perhaps not they become Bible Thumpers. Some people that have already been mind washed by a robust force since childhood. These are typically therefore brain cleaned that lots of spend every minute of their resides studying the bible and their life is determined and controled by some guide rather than by their instincts or becoming, if it had beenn't due to their bible they'll certainly be crooks and/or lifeless. They base every second of their life in spiritual affairs, and several speak about their particular religion (those christians)as if it had been the ultimate righteousness.They love to make people which have no religious interest or affiliations feel furious simply because they choose to drive folks in their religion like it had been the absolute most "truthfull and precise" faith there was.