What does bibber mean?

bibber meaning in General Dictionary

One directed at consuming alcohol based drinks too freely a tippler chiefly found in structure as winebibber

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  • One provided to drinking alcoholic beverages too freely; a tippler; -- mainly utilized in structure; because, winebibber.

bibber meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"drinker, tippler," 1530s, from Middle English bib (v.) "to drink heartily" (see bib (n.)).

bibber meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) One provided to consuming alcohol consumption too easily; a tippler; -- mainly used in structure; since, winebibber.

Sentence Examples with the word bibber

Of his numerous works of fiction, the earliest are his best, especially Gallegher and Others (1891); Van Bibber and Other Stories (1892) and Episodes from Van Bibber's Life (1899).

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