What does bias mean?

bias meaning in General Dictionary

To incline to a single side to give a certain way to to influence to prejudice to prepossess

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  • In a slanting fashion crosswise obliquely diagonally regarding reduce cloth bias
  • Inclined to one part swelled on one side
  • a body weight on the side associated with the ball found in the overall game of bowls or a tendency imparted into the basketball which turns it from a straight range
  • slanting diagonally throughout the whole grain of a fabric
  • reason enough to be biased
  • influence in an unfair means
  • a line or slice across a fabric that is not at correct angles to a side associated with fabric
  • a partiality that prevents objective consideration of a concern or circumstance
  • a fat on the side for the ball utilized in the overall game of bowls, or an inclination imparted toward basketball, which converts it from a straight range.
  • A leaning of the mind; tendency or prepossession toward an item or view, not making the mind indifferent; curved; inclination.
  • A wedge-shaped bit of fabric taken out of a garment (as the waist of a gown) to decrease its circumference.
  • A slant; a diagonal; as, to reduce fabric from the prejudice.
  • Inclined to at least one part; swelled on a single part.
  • Cut slanting or diagonally, as fabric.
  • In a slanting way; crosswise; obliquely; diagonally; as, to cut fabric bias.
  • To incline to one side; to provide a certain path to; to impact; to prejudice; to prepossess.

bias meaning in Legal Dictionary

n. the predisposition of a judge, arbitrator, potential juror, or anyone making a judicial choice, against or in benefit of one of functions or a course of persons. This is shown by remarks, choices unlike fact, explanation or law, or any other unjust conduct. Bias are toward an ethnic group, homosexuals, ladies or males, defendants or plaintiffs, big corporations, or neighborhood events. Getting a "hometown" choice is a kind of bias the bane regarding the out-of-town lawyer. Additionally there is the subtle bias of some male judges in support of pretty women. Apparent bias is a ground for reversal on attraction, however it is difficult to show, since judges usually are careful to display apparent equity inside their opinions. The likelihood of juror bias is investigated in questioning at the beginning of trial in a questioning procedure called voir dire.

bias meaning in Medical Dictionary

1. Whenever a point of view stops impartial view on problems relating to the subject of the point of view. In a clinical test, bias relates to results that a conclusion that may be wrong as, as an example, whenever a researcher or client knows exactly what treatment solutions are becoming given. In order to avoid bias, a blinded research could be done. 2. Deviation of results or inferences through the truth, or procedures causing such systematic deviation. Any trend in collection, evaluation, explanation, publication, or overview of information that will induce conclusions which can be systematically unlike the reality.

bias meaning in Law Dictionary

Inclination; bent; prepossession: a preconceived opinion; a predisposition to decide an underlying cause or a problem in a certain way, which will not keep your head perfectly open to conviction. Maddox v. State, 32 Ga. 5S7, 79 Am. Dec. 307; Pierson v. State, 18 Tex. App. 55S; Hinkle v. State, 94 Ga. 595, 21 S. E. 601. This term just isn't similar to “prejudice.” Through this word in a statute declaring disqualification of jurors, the legislature intended to describe another and notably various surface of disqualification. A guy is not prejudiced against another without having to be biased against him ; but he might be biased without having to be prejudiced. Bias is “a particular influential power, which sways the wisdom; the interest of this brain towards a certain object.” It is really not become supposed that legislature expected to secure into the juror circumstances of head free from all desire to 1 side or perhaps the other. The statute implies that, although a juror has not yet formed a judgment for or up against the prisoner, before the proof is heard from the trial, however, if he could be under these types of an influence as so sways his mind on one part or perhaps the other on avoid their determining the main cause based on the proof, he is incompetent. Willis v. State, 12 Ga. 444. Actual bias is made up in presence of a state of brain for the juror which satisfies the judge, into the workout of a sound discernment, that juror cannot test the problems impartially and without prejudice to the substantial rights of celebration challenging. State v. Chapman, 1 S. D. 414. 47 N. W. 411, 10 L. R. A. 432; men and women v. McQuade, 110 N. Y. 284. 18 N. E. 150, 1 L. R. A. 273; men and women v. Wells, 100 Cal. 227, 34 Pac. 718.

bias meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1520s, from French biais "slant, pitch, oblique," also figuratively, "expedient, suggests" (13c., originally in Old French a past participle adjective, "sideways, askance, against the whole grain"), which can be of as yet not known beginning, most likely from Old Established

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  • 1620s, literal and figurative, from bias (n.). Relevant: Biased; biasing.

bias meaning in Sports Dictionary

The horizontal force associated with the dish while going, which provides it the arc. (recreation: Bowls)

bias meaning in Computer Science Dictionary

Bias is an inclination to carry on to a partial perspective or outlook, associated with an unwillingness to consider other a few ideas or views. Similar to prejudice in that most commonly it is fond of someone else, battle, religion or personal class, prejudice may also be presented against an idea. A typical example of bias is when someone feels that Apple items are superior to Windows based items and vice versa.

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bias meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) A weight on the side of this basketball found in the overall game of bowls, or a tendency imparted toward baseball, which turns it from a straight range.

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  • (n.) A leaning associated with head; propensity or prepossession toward an object or view, maybe not leaving your head indifferent; curved; interest.
  • (n.) A wedge-shaped bit of cloth taken out of a garment (since the waistline of a dress) to decrease its circumference.
  • (letter.) A slant; a diagonal; because, to cut fabric from the bias.
  • (a.) Inclined to a single part; swelled on one side.
  • (a.) Cut slanting or diagonally, as fabric.
  • (adv.) In a slanting manner; crosswise; obliquely; diagonally; since, to reduce cloth bias.
  • (v. t.) To incline to at least one part; to give a certain course to; to influence; to prejudice; to prepossess.

Sentence Examples with the word bias

His natural bias was to respect things as they were.

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