What does bhogga mean?

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bhogga is the term that supposedly describes people who are supposedly undecided where fashion they follow, they are not. individuals are continuously placing men and women into teams for example chavs, title bhogga covers emo; scene, punk, grunger, goth as well as others which can be similar. folks sometimes have offended if some one calls them an e.g. goth plus they understand that they are not. bhogga rounds it all up into one.bhoggas are extremely thoughtful, sometimes they can be extremely imaginative, they allow their particular feelings undergo songs, art etc. you will see that numerous bhoggas are bhuddist. you may also observe that bhoggas hold a symbolic item to them all of the time, e.g. string bands (also known as 'buddha bands'), pin, bands an such like. they have been normally very little.bhoggas have no fixed fashion, but usually are known to pay attention to stone, steel, prog, punk, grunge, indie along with other music like that. amazingly numerous want to listen to classical songs and jazz. strange you say?, many people are afraid to admit they like ancient music.bhoggas love diversity.NOTE< BHOGGA is spelt B-H-O-G-G-A, simply no other way.