What does bezel mean?

bezel meaning in General Dictionary

The rim which encompasses and fastens a jewel or other item as the crystal of a watch in cavity in which it's set

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  • a sloping side on a cutting device
  • The rim which encompasses and fastens a jewel or other item, due to the fact crystal of a watch, in hole for which it is set.

bezel meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1610s, "sloping side," also "groove by which a stone is defined," from Old French *besel (13c.; Modern French biseau), cognate with Spanish bisel; of uncertain beginning, possibly actually "a stone with two perspectives," from Vulgar Latin *bis-alus, from bis- "double" (see bis-) + ala "wing, part" (see alar). Indicating "oblique face of a gem" is from c.1840. The verb definition "grind (a tool) right down to an edge" is from 1670s.

bezel meaning in Sports Dictionary

The flexible ring on a wrist watch or compass regularly set time or bearing. (sport: diving)

bezel meaning in Computer Terms Dictionary

The expression "bezel" comes from the jewellery business, in which particular case a bezel is a groove that holds a gemstone or view crystal set up. The definition of can also be familiar with explain the rim around gauges, such as the speedometer in an automobile. Into the computer system industry, a bezel may make reference to either the edge around a monitor or perhaps the front of a desktop computer system case. A monitor bezel, or screen bezel, may be the area of a display that surrounds the display screen. If a monitor features a one inch bezel, the display screen is in the middle of one inch of synthetic or material. If a monitor's bezel width differs from the others on the sides compared to the top and base of display screen, the bezel specification will include individual dimensions for every part. As displays have developed, bezel widths have usually gotten smaller. For example, old CRT screens often had bezel widths of two ins or more, while contemporary LCD displays often have bezels being lower than one-inch dense. Slimmer bezels assist optimize the display screen real-estate of a laptops and also make numerous desktop computer shows look more like an individual screen whenever put side by side. A pc bezel may be the forward face of a method device or "tower." Most PC bezels include have spaces for just one or higher drive bays. These slots enable you to add devices such as for example an optical drive or an additional inner hard disk drive. When extra drives aren't set up, these bays are usually covered by dishes being similar shade once the bezel, but are maybe not technically the main bezel.

bezel meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) The rim which encompasses and fastens a jewel or any other object, due to the fact crystal of a watch, within the hole by which it is set.

Sentence Examples with the word bezel

To these, by a natural process, succeeded the matrix formed of only a thin slice of stone, which was more conveniently adapted for the bezel of the ring; and in this shape the engraved matrix passed on from the Greeks to the Romans.

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