What does betwixt mean?

betwixt meaning in Etymology Dictionary

Old English betweox "between, among, amidst, meanwhile," from bi- "by" (see be-) + tweox "for two," from Proto-Germanic *twa "two" + *-isk "-ish." With parasitic -t that very first starred in Old English and became basic after c.1500.

betwixt meaning in General Dictionary

into the interval

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  • within the space which distinguishes; between.
  • from 1 to some other of; mutually affecting.

betwixt meaning in General Dictionary

(prep.) When you look at the space which distinguishes; between.

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  • (prep.) From 1 to a different of; mutually affecting.

Sentence Examples with the word betwixt

Thus Ultramontanism is not to be conceived as a theological movement, but as the programme of a party whose principles are in fundamental opposition to modern culture, modern education, modern tolerance and the modern state - a party which seeks to carry out its campaign against the society of to-day, not by bridging the gulf betwixt creed and creed, but by widening it, by awakening religious fanaticism, and by closing the way to a peaceful co-operation of Catholics and non-Catholics in the highest tasks of culture and human civilization.

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