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A word that defines becoming cheated out or something. Often means to cheat someone or even be cheated. May indicate to do perfectly in one thing.Orginated from term "betty" which fundamentally means a similar thing. Betty came from the movie Kung Pow. Based on the infamous personality of Kung Pao Bettie.Most directly regarding becoming deceived or deceiving some body.Bettis takes any form, adjective, noun, or verb. Descends from Jerome Bettis associated with Pittsburgh Steelers, because in the day the Steelers would do all the hard work on a drive down to the 1 lawn line and then place Jerome Bettis in to pound in a touchdown then enjoy the incentive a short while later when all he did was use their body weight to jam in a lawn! It absolutely was absurd. So a Bettis is a term used in the following methods:1) some one does most of the dirty work and after that you arrive and complete it to claim all the responsibility2) you will do most of the dirty work and somebody else is available in and claims all of the responsibility.This term was developed by my roommates and I playing the video game Halo 3. some one would simply abut kill somebody after which some other person got the kill rather. Below are a few examples of just how this term is employed.