What does beta male rage mean?

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A 16-40 year old underachieving male, using religion or any other antisocial ideology to rationalize a nihilistic/anarchic aspire to overturn the current energy framework (typical of low-status guys throughout history that's only means for increasing standing ended up being through violent change - eg jihadists along with other labels of wanna-be aristocrats be they green, communist or fascist).In polygamy practicing elements of the world (historically every where except western civilization) large status men monopolizing a lot of the women results in unending cycles of beta male rage. When the culture is militarily powerful the trend can be directed outward through conquering brand new areas, raping their particular ladies, and using all of them as spouses, etc. but when the society is militarily weak beta male rage will come in the form of interior unrest, not enough personal cohesion, municipal wars, etc. The modern western globe having eliminated the civilizing restraints on sexuality (wedding and monogamy) because the intimate change onward features seen personal breakdown corresponding to polygamous societies with an important increase in size casualties assaults by disgruntled single men. Nevertheless unlike past eras or any other countries internet pornography and video gaming has kept the worst from increasing.