What does best people in the world mean?

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Some one which dose maybe not hate people who are distinctive from them because these are generally various. Is anyone, from any religion, nation, cultural back ground, color, social/economic status, clique, age group, life experiences, an such like. and treat everybody decently and just how they wish to be treated. They don't use stereotypes plus don't enjoy it them.They are willing to stand up for what they rely on, but don't force it on others. They've been ready to protect anybody, even lose their life doing this. They pay attention when a person talks to all of them. These are generally typically pleasant to-be around, & most men and women play the role of one. They even come in the every single day type whom simply attempt to assist men and women if ever there clearly was an opportunity, like those that give up a seat when it comes to elderly, or help pick up someones material. People who are kind, respecting, helpful, and simply throughout a beneficial human.Most spiritual leaders/founders had been: Jesus, Buddha, Moses, Muhammad, Dolly Lama, record continues and on.Most creators of charities, hospitals, orphanages, relief centers, etc. In addition an opinion susceptible to alter dependent on who you are.