What does best mean?

best meaning in General Dictionary

to obtain the much better of

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  • inside highest degree beyond all others
  • Utmost greatest endeavor or state many almost perfect thing or becoming or action regarding do people better to the best of our capability
  • Having good qualities inside greatest level many good kind desirable suitable an such like best given that best man the very best road the very best cloth ideal capabilities
  • from a posture of superiority or authority
  • it would be sensible
  • in a most exemplary way or fashion
  • (superlative of `good') obtaining the most good attributes
  • (comparative and superlative of `well') wiser or higher advantageous and therefore recommended
  • have the better of
  • Canadian physiologist (born in america) whom assisted F. G. Banting in research resulting in the discovery of insulin (1899-1978)
  • the one who is most outstanding or excellent; an individual who tops all others
  • the supreme work one can make
  • Having great attributes in highest level; many great, kind, desirable, suitable, etc.; best; because, the best man; best road; the greatest fabric; top capabilities.
  • sophisticated; many proper or complete; as, ideal scholar; best view of a topic.
  • Most; biggest; as, the good thing of per week.
  • Utmost; greatest endeavor or condition; most almost perfect thing, or being, or activity; as, to-do your most readily useful; toward best of our ability.
  • in greatest degree; beyond others.
  • on most advantage; with the most fortune, situation, profit, benefit, or propriety.
  • Most intimately; most carefully or correctly; because, just what is expedient is most beneficial recognized to himself.
  • To get the much better of.

best meaning in Etymology Dictionary

Old English beste, paid off by absorption of -t- from previous Old English betst "best, first, when you look at the most useful manner," originally superlative of bot "remedy, reparation," the root term today only enduring directly into start (see boot (n.2)), though its relative, better, and superlative, best, happen utilized in good (and in some cases well). From Proto-Germanic root *bat-, with relative *batizon and superlative *batistaz (cognates: Old Frisian, Old Saxon, Middle Dutch most useful, Old High German bezzist, German most useful, Old Norse beztr, Gothic batists). The best-laid schemes o' mice an' men Gang aft agley, An' lea'e united states nought but grief an' discomfort, For promis'd happiness! [Burns] Best-seller as short for "best-selling book" is from 1902, evidently originally within the publishing trade; closest friend was at Chaucer (late 14c.). Most readily useful girl is very first attested 1881, American English; best guy is 1814, initially Scottish, replacing groomsman. To make a move using most useful of these is recorded by 1748.

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  • "to obtain the much better of," 1863, from most useful (adj.). Associated: Bested; besting.
  • c.1200, from most useful (adj.).

best meaning in Philosophy Dictionary

The principle of the best of all possible worlds; in accordance with Leibniz, society which is present is the greatest feasible because God's wisdom tends to make him know, their goodness tends to make him select, and his energy makes him produce perfect. See Optimism. -- J.M.

best meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Having great attributes within the greatest level; most great, sort, desirable, ideal, etc.; perfect; as, the very best guy; top roadway; a fabric; the very best capabilities.

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  • (a.) Most sophisticated; most correct or complete; as, the greatest scholar; a view of a topic.
  • (a.) Many; biggest; as, the best part of weekly.
  • (letter.) uttermost; highest undertaking or condition; most almost perfect thing, or becoming, or activity; because, to complete one's best; on most useful of our capability.
  • (superl.) In greatest level; beyond all others.
  • (superl.) Into the most advantage; with success, instance, revenue, benefit, or propriety.
  • (superl.) Many intimately; many carefully or properly; since, what is expedient is best recognized to himself.
  • (v. t.) To obtain the much better of.

Sentence Examples with the word best

The case of James Nayler (1617?-1660), who, in spite of Fox's grave warning, allowed Messianic homage to be paid to him, is the best known of these instances; they are to be explained partly by mental disturbance, resulting from the undue prominence of a single idea, and partly by the general religious excitement of the time and the rudeness of manners prevailing in the classes of society from which many of these individuals came.

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