What does besides mean?

besides meaning in General Dictionary

On one part

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  • in addition to split or distinct from as well as except that else than See Beside preparation 3 and Syn under Beside
  • making an additional point; anyway
  • furthermore
  • Alt. of Beside
  • past; separate or distinct from; besides to; except that; else than. See Beside, prep., 3, and Syn. under Beside.

besides meaning in Etymology Dictionary

attested from c.1200 (common after c.1400), from beside + adverbial genitive -s. Once revealing all of the senses of beside, now precisely limited by "in inclusion to, otherwise."

besides meaning in General Dictionary

(adv.) Alt. of Beside

Sentence Examples with the word besides

The earliest writers upon cholera emphasized its remarkable preference for particular places; and the history of each successive epidemic implies, besides an importation of the contagion, certain local conditions which may be either general sanitary defects or peculiarities of climate and soil.

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