What does beside mean?

beside meaning in General Dictionary

beside using one side of

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  • beside; on a single side of.
  • besides; from the regular course or purchase of; in a condition of deviation from; off.
  • in addition to; distinct from; in addition to.
  • using one part.
  • significantly more than that; over and above; perhaps not within the number, or in just what happens to be mentioned; furthermore; additionally.

beside meaning in Etymology Dictionary

Old English be sidan "by the part of" (only as two words), from be- + sidan dative of part (n.). By 1200, formed as you term and made use of as both adverb and preposition. The choice center English meaning "outside" generated the sense preserved in beside yourself "out of your respective wits" (late 15c.).

beside meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) At the side of; using one side of.

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  • (letter.) Aside from; from the regular program or order of; in a situation of deviation from; regarding.
  • (n.) Over and above; distinct from; in addition to.
  • (adv.) On a single part.
  • (adv.) Significantly more than that; past; not included in the number, or in just what was pointed out; moreover; in addition.

Sentence Examples with the word beside

Pulling the rail back up, she stood beside the tent, helplessly watching Destiny cry until she coughed herself into another retching fit.

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