What does beset mean?

beset meaning in General Dictionary

to create or stud everything with ornaments or prominent items

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  • decorate or address lavishly (much like treasures)
  • annoy constantly or chronically
  • assail or assault on all edges:
  • of Beset
  • setting or stud (any such thing) with ornaments or prominent things.
  • To hem in; to waylay; to encircle; to besiege; to blockade.
  • To set upon on all edges; to perplex; to harass; -- said of problems, hurdles, etc.
  • To inhabit; to employ; to utilize up.

beset meaning in Etymology Dictionary

Old English besettan "to put, destination; own, keep; occupy, settle; address, surround with, besiege," from Proto-Germanic *bisatjan (cognates: Old Saxon bisettjan, Dutch bezetten, Old High German bisezzan, German besetzen, Gothic bisatjan); see be- + set (v.). The figurative good sense also was at Old English. Relevant: Beset (previous tight); besetting.

beset meaning in General Dictionary

(imp. & p. p.) of Beset

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  • (v. t.) To create or stud (anything) with ornaments or prominent items.
  • (v. t.) To hem in; to waylay; to surround; to besiege; to blockade.
  • (v. t.) Setting upon on all edges; to perplex; to harass; -- stated of problems, hurdles, etc.
  • (v. t.) To take; to hire; to make use of up.

Sentence Examples with the word beset

We know already a little more of the chequered history of the Amorites in the Naharin district, beset by great powers on three sides.

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