What does beseeching mean?

beseeching meaning in General Dictionary

Entreating urgently imploring as a beseeching appearance

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  • begging
  • of Beseech
  • Entreating urgently; imploring; as, a beseeching appearance.

beseeching meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"supplication, prayer," c.1300, spoken noun from beseech. Relevant: Beseechingly; beseechingness.

beseeching meaning in General Dictionary

(p. pr. & vb. n.) of Beseech

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  • (a.) Entreating urgently; imploring; since, a beseeching look.

Sentence Examples with the word beseeching

To this end he made his appeal to the Northern churches and pulpits, beseeching them to bring the power of Christianity to bear against the slave system, and to advocate the rights of the slaves to immediate and unconditional freedom.

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