What does berm mean?

berm meaning in General Dictionary

a thin shelf or course involving the base of a parapet while the ditch

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  • a narrow ledge or shelf usually at the very top or bottom of a slope
  • a slim edge of land (usually unpaved) over the part of a road
  • Alt. of Berme

berm meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"narrow ledge," 1729, from French berme (17c.), from Old Dutch baerm "edge of a dike," most likely about top (q.v.). In U.S., 19c., in addition title the bank of a canal opposite the tow-path.

berm meaning in Sports Dictionary

An artificially produced bank that enables a large part you need to take at an exaggerated position and so at higher rates. (sport: Mountain Biking)

berm meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) Alt. of Berme

Sentence Examples with the word berm

Alcamenes, the rival or pupil of Pheidias, was the sculptor of a berm at Athens, a copy of which, dating from Roman times, was discovered at Pergamum in 1903.

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