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A living hell for 8th graders. High in smart asians and smart individuals with an actual sense of humor. Only the best of the greatest in each town in Bergen County arrived at this school. The most effective characters, the very best wits, ideal men and women skills. The job is supposedly a lot of, however with these humorous teachers and these amazing students thats extremely doubted. Sherlock, medical practitioner whom, and several forms of glee and anime drawings tend to be upon the lockers. The lockers in addition lack locks, while there is a trust plan. This college is the better of Bergen County, the kids are typical the cool kitties, you will notice a number of the "tumblr folk" inhabiting this school. You are typically acknowledged irrespective of who you really are, and sleep or do operate in meal. Additionally you reside in the school. The coach can pick you up from about 7am and school can end at 6. Thats practically 12 hours, not including activities. Also known because of its several free durations. Actually, if you can get accepted into this college I adore you. Additionally better than any kind of academy in bergen county. HELL for 8th graders because its either you can get into this royalty or go to a shitty highschool (hyperbole). Started to this school for everything actually. The greatest vocalists and musicians, the coolest cats in everywhere. It is amazing.