What does berg mean?

berg meaning in General Dictionary

A large mass or hill as of ice

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  • Austrian composer in Schoenberg's twelve-tone stereo system (1885-1935)
  • a sizable mass of ice floating at ocean; usually damaged off of a polar glacier
  • A large mass or mountain, since ice.

berg meaning in Etymology Dictionary

brief for iceberg, attested from 1823.

berg - German to English

edge hill

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  • berg [S.Afr.]
  • Mount Hebron
  • cavernous hill
  • mount
  • hill
  • Mount Olympus
  • hill of work
  • heap
  • heap
  • size

berg meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) A large mass or mountain, as of ice.

Sentence Examples with the word berg

The total number of breweries in the beer excise district was, in 1905-1906, 5995, which produced I017 millior gallons; in Bavaria nearly 6000 breweries with 392 million gallons in Baden over 700 breweries with 68 million gallons; in WUrttem berg over 5000 breweries with 87 million gallons; and in Alsace Lorraine 95 breweries with about 29 million gallons.

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