What does bequest mean?

bequest meaning in General Dictionary

To bequeath or keep as a legacy

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  • The work of bequeathing or leaving by will as a bequest of property by A to B
  • (legislation) a present of personal residential property by will
  • The work of bequeathing or leaving by will; because, a bequest of residential property by A. to B.
  • That which is remaining by will, esp. individual residential property; a history; additionally, something special.
  • To bequeath, or leave as a legacy.

bequest meaning in Legal Dictionary

n. the present of individual home under the regards to a will. Bequests are not constantly outright, but are "conditional" upon the taking place or non-happening of a conference (eg marriage), or "executory" where gift is contingent upon the next occasion. Bequest could be of specific possessions or associated with "residue" (what's remaining after certain presents were made).

bequest meaning in Finance Dictionary

The creating of a gift by will.

bequest meaning in Law Dictionary

gift by might of personal residential property; a legacy. A specific bequest is just one whereby the testator offers towards legatee all their home of a particular class or kind; as all their pure personalty. A residuary bequest is a present of the many rest of this testator's individual property, after repayment of debts and legacies, etc. An executory bequest may be the bequest of a future, deferred, or contingent desire for personalty. A conditional bequest is certainly one the taking effect or continuing that is determined by the happening or non-occurrence of a certain occasion. Mitchell v. Mitchell, 143 Ind. 113, 42 N. E. 465; Farnam v. Farnam, 53 Conn. 261, 2 AO. 325, 5 Atl. 682; Merrill v. university, 74 Wis. 415, 43 N. W. 104.

bequest meaning in Etymology Dictionary

c.1300, "act of bequeathing," from be- + *cwis, *cwiss "saying" (linked to quoth; from Proto-Germanic *kwessiz; see bequeath), with excrescent -t. Meaning "what is bequeathed" is taped from late 15c.

bequest meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) The act of bequeathing or making by might; since, a bequest of property by A. to B.

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  • (letter.) What is remaining by might, esp. personal home; a legacy; additionally, a present.
  • (v. t.) To bequeath, or keep as a legacy.

Sentence Examples with the word bequest

Towards the close of the 14th century all the separate portions had come by inheritance or bequest into the hands of Rudolph IV.

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