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a lovely coupling in Fox's summertime struck so you think you can easily dancing. It's the fan-jumbled name of Benji Schwimmer, the prince of swing, and Donyelle Jones, a fiesty hiphop/jazz woman. They may be opposites, and Fox most likely put them collectively for a few tv drama, however it was the whole reverse. They totally clicked. If they dance collectively, its only amazing. None of them carries another, and additionally they've never ever had a negative peformance yet. The united states loves all of them. And they are entertaining to look at. Benji's a goofy and geeky mormon kid, and Donyelle is captivating, and sexy (and some goofy often, especially when shes with Benji). Benji is more of a pda man, while Donyelle is much more reserved.. but for the tv show, Benji appears much more manly, and Donyelle's more outgoing and things. Possibly they aided each other? And I also'm uncertain totally the reason why, however they just get so well collectively! and they are entirely comfortable with the other person, simply because they're like always holding each other. (just as in hugs, arms, countless kisses regarding the cheek, etc.) Some shippers believe that they're in love, and really should date, and I think that, but i'dn't mind both when they stayed close friends. It looks pretty obvious that Benji has actually a crush on her though... the other way around with Donyelle, although it took time for us to actually notice it for Donny. A match like those two doesnt happen often.. its unique. Unfortuitously, the producers associated with the show split all of them up, in addition to various other partners regarding show, and they're going to be dancing w/ various partners weekly. Thus far, the Benjelle have actually danced again in a single episode (Top 6) but will dance once again in the Top 4. They are the many fantabulous performers, and performers from the whole tv show staying! So don't forget to vote for them, vote for all of them often, vote Benjelle. (btw, obtained seperate numbers now.) The party performances atmosphere Wednesdays at 9:00pm EST (occasionally one hour earlier), and the outcomes reveal airs on Thursday at 9:00pm EST, also. Remember, its on Fox, that is station 5. You better view it, while much better voteee! :]