What does benignity mean?

benignity meaning in General Dictionary

the standard of becoming harmless goodness kindness graciousness

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  • the caliber of being type and mild
  • a form act
  • the standard of becoming harmless; goodness; kindness; graciousness.
  • Mildness; gentleness.
  • Salubrity; healthy quality.

benignity meaning in Etymology Dictionary

belated 14c., from Old French benignit

benignity meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) The caliber of being harmless; goodness; kindness; graciousness.

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  • (n.) Mildness; gentleness.
  • (letter.) Salubrity; wholesome quality.

Sentence Examples with the word benignity

The eyes and ears are relatively small, and the forehead white and dome-shaped, giving the face the well-known appearance of benignity and intelligence.

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