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A term for a boy just who loves to exercise the homosexual arts. Dreaded amoung non-gays A well known town when you look at the Pacific Northwest now dependency regarding the 'The Bay Area'. Bend had been occupied in 1992 by an advancing military from 'The Bay Area' of California. Bend ended up being quicky conquered with little to no weight. In our contemporary world most Bend inhabitants will say to you they've been from 'The Bay Area' and exactly how a lot they love Bend and won't desire to be anywhere else before telling you that restaurants or shopping and just about everything else isn't as effective as into the 'The Bay Area'. Many previous residents of 'The Bay Area' would earn significantly more cash truth be told there should they went back but have chosen not to, rather preferring to stay in Bend and tell everyone they meet that they're from 'The Bay Area' and exactly how they would earn more cash should they ever performed go-back.