What does bender mean?

bender meaning in General Dictionary

person who or whatever bends

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  • a tool for bending
  • revelry in drinking; a merry drinking party
  • a pitch of a baseball that is tossed with spin in order for its road curves as it draws near the batter
  • a person who, or that which, bends.
  • a musical instrument employed for bending.
  • A drunken spree.
  • A sixpence.

bender meaning in Etymology Dictionary

late 15c., "instrument for bending," broker noun from bend (v.). Slang meaning "drinking bout" is United states English, attested from 1846, possibly from Scottish feeling of "a tough drinker" (1728).

bender meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) One who, or whatever, bends.

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  • (letter.) An instrument utilized for flexing.
  • (letter.) A drunken spree.
  • (n.) A sixpence.

Sentence Examples with the word bender

Selim, the late sultan's nephew, who succeeded, made strenuous preparations for continuing the war, but his generals were incompetent and his army mutinous; expeditions for the relief of Bender and Akkerman failed, Belgrade was taken by the Austrians, Izmail was captured by Suvorov, and the fall of Anapa completed the series of Turkey's disasters.

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