What does bema mean?

bema meaning in General Dictionary

location across the altar of a chapel for clergy and choir; usually enclosed by a lattice or railing

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  • A platform where speakers resolved an assembly.
  • That part of an early on Christian church which was set aside for the higher clergy; the inner or east area of the chancel.
  • Erroneously: A pulpit.

bema - German to English

bema [sanctuary in Orthodox churches]

bema meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) A platform that speakers resolved an assembly.

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  • (letter.) That section of an earlier Christian chapel that was set aside the higher clergy; the inner or east the main chancel.
  • (letter.) Erroneously: A pulpit.

Sentence Examples with the word bema

Thick, and at the angles of an inscribed octagon are chapels formed in the thickness of the wall, and roofed with wagon-headed vaults visible on the exterior; the eastern chapel, however, is enlarged and developed into a bema and apse projecting beyond the circle, and the western and southern chapels constitute the two entrances of the building.

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