What does below the line mean?

below the line meaning in Law Dictionary

1. items not within the account total. Obtained no influence on gain or reduction within the period. 2. using marketing practices your marketer settings. No fee is generated because of the company.

below the line meaning in Business Dictionary

1.u000du000aAccounting: familiar with define items in a merchant account which are excluded from the account total, such appropriations and extraordinary items that have no influence on the profit or loss in today's bookkeeping period.u000du000au000du000au000du000a2.u000du000aAdvertising: familiar with characterize advertising practices (like catalog advertising, direct advertising, and trade reasonable advertising and marketing) which can be in direct control over the marketer (customer) and make no commissions when it comes to marketing and advertising agency.

Sentence Examples with the word below the line

In order to ensure a high degree of sensitiveness, balances are sometimes constructed so that Z is slightly below the line joining X and Y, and is only slightly above H, the centre of gravity of the beam with the scale - pans and chains attached.

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