What does bellyache mean?

bellyache meaning in General Dictionary

to grumble especially in a whining or grumbling fashion to gripe

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  • soreness into the bowels colic
  • an ache localized in the belly or abdominal region
  • complain
  • Pain into the bowels; colic.

bellyache meaning in Etymology Dictionary

in addition belly-ache, 1590s, from belly (n.) + ache (n.). The verb into the slang feeling of "complain" is very first recorded 1888, American English; it appears not to have been utilized earlier than that, if ever, in a literal good sense. Relevant: bellyached; bellyaching.

bellyache meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) Pain inside bowels; colic.

Sentence Examples with the word bellyache

Fred didn't have a chance to bellyache at the compromise before the phone interrupted.

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